President Address

In May 1982, Sichuan Provincial Construction Committee transferred some of its elite who went through Kuimen and headed southwards to Shenzhen in order to respond to the country’s call of supporting the construction in Special Economic Zone. On August 22nd of the same year, “China Huashi” was established. It struggled and grew together with the Special Economic Zone Shenzhen and experienced a development process form small to big and from weak to strong. It also went through a struggle course by establishing at the beginning of the reform, growing up together with the deepening of the reform and strengthening in the market economy.

China Huashi ‘s enterprise spirit - hard-working, honest and faithful, innovative, united and devoted - has been established in the trials and hardships for nearly thirty years. Construction writes melody of life. The rising of high buildings and large mansions became the eternal memory we gave to the city, witnessing the splendid life of “Huashi People”. Construction demonstrates enthusiasm of the times. Construction Builders, generation after generation, strived for their ideals and causes and cultivated on this promising land. They established a flag of “Sichuan Army” in construction industry with wisdom and courage and carried forward the brand of the Company, marking “China Huashi” well-known both at home and abroad.

At the forefront of the times as well as reform and opening up, we advance with the times without being trapped by the environment; we are mindful of danger and stay prepared for adversities in times of peace without being obsessed with our accomplishment; we reform with determination for the prosperity of the Company without being limited by our vision; we conquer difficulties without being afraid of them. Huashi People enjoy all favorable conditions - we are at the time of reform and restructuring; our headquarter is located in the prosperous Pearl River Delta and we have the harmonious win-win development policy. We consolidated our honour as a special class building and construction corporate and wrote a new chapter for the Company’s sustainable and healthy development with our dedication to the Company and devotion to the construction industry as well as dauntless spirit to fight against storms.

Facing the future, we will meet both opportunities and challenges and we have both hopes and confidence. By carrying on the flag of the times, new successors of Luban cultivate the history with the sense of honour, explore the future with the sense of mission and strive to create a more splendid future with the sense of responsibility. We firmly believe that we will build more high quality projects for the society and contribute more to the economy construction of our country as well as the development of the construction industry with caring, support and help from people of various circles and by carrying on the lofty sentiments in pioneering territory at the startup of the Company, exploring markets with high quality, casting the Company brand with good faith, seizing the opportunities, meeting the challenges and accelerating the development.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with friends from various circles for mutual benefits, multi-win and a bright future together!
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